Fabri-Moravia s.r.o. was established in 2005 building upon work by Ing. František Břinek and Mrs. Marianne Frey Amon, its founder. Thus, it can draw on many years of experience in the area of the manufacture and trading of packaging, construction and joinery timber, surface materials (OSB boards and plywood), finger joint panels, floorboards and other wood products. Currently, it ranks among the most significant suppliers in the wood-processing industry. In addition to our own production we also specialize in plywood import from Brazil.

We offer drying and heat treatment of the timber we produce. The company holds a certificate of the functional eligibility of its equipment used to treat wooden
packaging material in accordance with International standards for Phytosanitay Measures.

Wood is our world and our life. Wood is our lifeblood, teaches us modesty and brings joy to our customers.

Marianne Frey Amon and František Břinek, joint owners of the company, have been trying to form the awareness of the distinctive character of wood and its nature over several decades. We continuously strive to emphasise the specific characteristics and qualities of wood.

We purchase wood from certified forests all over Europe for our customers. The purchased roundwood is further processed - since 2001 we have been using our
state-of-the-art sawmill facility providing for a broad range of dimensions and degrees of quality. Customers may choose our goods in two warehouses with a
total floorspace of 90,000 m2.

If you decide for our products, we will be honoured and pleased a new customer has decided to join our wood working family.